Thanks life for support my complains

Some days i wake up in the morning thinking what
drives me to get up for doing all shit i have to do
due to a silly and traditional reason
someone though that all we must carried out.

Thats the humanity' term:
Working out a lifestyle which one you did not choose.
Hope in the future i could change it, but, well, im living on Earth
and unless Earth goes to hell, i have to carry out my best.

So, this way, i like to find out worthwhile results of this process.
Mouth is for complaining, eyes are for visual inspiration
and music videos make me create fluor monsters while im dreaming.

Maybe inspiration comes by dancing...

or maybe it comes from a blast the past.

3 comentarios:

Tomás dijo...

uaauuu, el último video es una pasada.
menudo rayote.

Hannah dijo...

Hey..I'm from Germany and I somehow found your blog...it's really amazing I like it and that video really took my breath away...I love Barcelona, I love Spain <3
El vídeo es increíble!!

Anónimo dijo...

Diosss, he descubierto este blog y me encanta, soy una chica de Nicaragua y este video en lo personal me ha encantado.