Cibeles Party Time

Disposable cameras have disadvantages. One of them is that you have to finish a whole reel to see some results. On the other hand, i like so much how photos look like and, hey, it's easy take as much as I focus!

So, you know that time, you worked and you just think in have some drinks with your friends. And I thougth: "Why not in V mag party?" I went to pick up some friends and tried helping some stressed ones at work in order to dance till feets start bleeding.

So, I kicked my ass to the dancefloor and forgot I had Mario Testino and Carmen Lomana at my side with idontrememberwho! Nevermind cause I'm feeling shy in this kind of situations where I don't know anyone but my friends and they think I am just gullible. Hell no! haha I am not that kid!

Leaving that aside, I have to say it was really really funny because of little reasons which ones I won't mention here in fact, and have to thank you so many people the time I spent over there, lets do it:

Firstly, have to introduce y'all Pablo, my half cutie patootie. 

Javi Bone-Carbone!

Sweet Claire seems the spectacular night dancer ever

He, my beloved Jokin

He can teach me how to.. but i am a sad novice!

Oh my. Loving her: Jou!

Jou and her loved Andrés Velencoso

Right, that's Mario doing his thing

You can also check out more pics on Gerard's website

For me, not only these people are so relevant in my life, it's a pity I can't feature them all on my blog, but, what's more important, they, you, are featuring somewhere. Bloody and red one.


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