Trendhunting in Madrid

La semana pasada en la Madrid Fashion Week, saqué ciertas tendencias urbanitas, que es lo más divertido, ver a todo el mundo vistiéndose estilo Lady Gaga como si fueran así todos los días; pero oye, se aprovecha y te compras tus modelitos para lucirlos en vez de ver pasarelas y aprender un poco, que por cierto, yo también debería porque de moda y Vogue no tengo ni papa ni pupu.

Last week in MFW, I hunted some urban trends, that it's the funniest about seeing everybody looking as Lady Gaga as a journey, but, it's all right, it is for enjoying and buying your looks and show them instead of see & learn about real fashion, that by the way, i should do it too cause I don't know anything like this one and Vogue's world..!

1. Olvier Peoples glasses (GIFT ME!)
2. Leather bag
3. Vintage sweater
4. Die T
5. Leopard punk shoes

via ??? (mail me!)

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Trop Rouge dijo...

Im not a big fan of the Punk Shoes..but i have to say i love that it's Leopard print so. *clap*clap* on that note.
I Love tje leather bag. im pretty much pro leather..sorry to all the real fur haters. haha

Virgin Mary dijo...

Es genial.


wow, looove the glasses, the leather bag, the sweaters, the top and the shoes! haha. to make it more clear: looove everything!
did you bought all this stuff? or do you Want to buy this? (good idea!)

x dijo...

haha thnks so much TR!

I have reeally nothing at all this things, just vintage oliver's people sunglasses and some similar sweaters..
i would like to buy it, but I in the other hand, i will not know how to get it wearing!

Gonzalo dijo...