They said awesome fashion borns in Asia, and time ago I agreed. 
Currently we know about this fact, but changing my sunday mind, 
I decide to wonder how can I read their bangkokminds or have a simply point of view from their own.
Well, the answer arrives like that: 'ANDWHATELSEISTHERE'

Obviously, we all collect pics or frames via internet for our own inspiration
 (when muses never arrive) or just for some charming vision or personal meaning. 
(Bcause you will never know if you r gonna use 'em someday)

So well, at same way I usually do, I post for all of you some cool blogs
in order you can see precious pics or something could be useful and work for you.

PS. I am so into asiatic girls and aussie beach vintage prints, innit?

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Anónimo dijo...

Love the clothes, really do!!