Doing sunday thing

Just feeling I have to say 3 little details, not relevant at all as every sunday's bullshit, and I come back to stay in bed, watch silly films and listen to songs like this

1. Carrie, shut the fuck up with some carrot cake or swallow Manolo's heels. You absolutely pissed me off. You, fart faced. 

2. Benoni Loos's hair. Nothing could make me happier. Death by curly hair.

3.  I'm particularly haunted by hands. New obsession.

I am gathering a couple of obsessions that I will show you asap.
What r yours?


2 comentarios:

ANDREA dijo...

Mi obsesión ahora es Daisy Lowe. Genial.
I genial tu blog.

Anónimo dijo...

my obsessions are clothing, rings, music and tattoos! (L)