Diary summer outfit

Did you miss me? Me yes! I could say I was busy, but I prefer saying I was SICK!
Well, I have a really weird relationship w summer season.. I love enjoying it in the sea, w the waves, but I f**king hate this weather, I mean, overwhelming heat.

God save music in this cases, in order to listen to The Beatles, Beast Coast, Wavves or Surfer Blood which ones fits just perfectly in my day by day. 

Plus, I was not inspired to post something you could like, so.. muse is here and show must go on, like it or not, this is how I look in summer!

1. Uffie SO ME bag
2. Casio x Wood Wood
3. Quadrant tank by Pegleg NYC
4. Trunks Streeks by Franks
5. Vans chukka x In4mation
6. Better Known skateboard by Raza Uno

happy august' end!


2 comentarios:

alfredo dijo...

Me encantan el reloj, pero sobre todo la mochila, es una auténtica pasada. Paciencia con el calor veraniego y disfruta de lo que queda! Un saludo!

STEFANIE dijo...

Yes we missed you! haha :) To be honest, I'm glad I don't live in Spain (you do live there, don't you?) I really can't stand the heat!