Get dressed for a music festival

1. Holga 35mm Lomographic camera

2. Grey tee Jimmy Choo x H&M

3. Pendleton x Opening ceremony shorts

4. Black stone ring from Topman

5. Ring R18 from Pata de palo

 6. Vans authentic California 2010

 Ok guys, this is the look I'd like to wear this weekend on SOS 4.8 music festival. As fucking reality knows there is no money and places to buy it, I will destroy all my cloths while dancing, I think that's a pretty one solution, innit?

Despite of this fact, I've to say this week has been sooooo stressful and I have no patience enough to back home on monday and tell you how was my first music fest!

Wish me luck and a healthy homecoming!

7 comentarios:

Virgin Mary dijo...

Déjate de tanta chaqueta asquerosa y cómprate esos shorts!!!!

Wttwotc dijo...

luck and a healthy homecoming!

Wttwotc dijo...

you broke leg boy!

Egoitz Azcona dijo...

Fan de las Vans

Penilevel dijo...

¿Bailaste lo suficiente como para destruir tu ropa? No es mala filosofía. Venga, ahora anímate a contarnos tus impresiones tras el festival, creo que la experiencia merece una crónica.

KC dijo...

i love those shorts...

Please check out my blog. Thanks. :D

David Em-C dijo...

I had this ring.... but now it's broken!! Buaaaaaaaaah!! :(