Every little defect gets respect

im just wonder you zippers broke
mother rolled you over like a monster truck
are you pregnant and i say good luck
combo sisection tummy tuck
while your under the gas
get you backs on up
so i can bust a brown cherry cheese popcorn puff
one more i get your bone enlarged
cuz mommy wants to ride the top
nipple to the bottle you satisfied
huddled on the floor, itll make you cry
dont speak dont think dont ask why
dont every leave mommy
dont say goodbye

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

yum yum!!!


Sergi Miró dijo...

oh yeahhh!

eagerheels dijo...

Lo soy, pero será nuestro secreto, esque no quiero que la gente se me ponga pesada.. hahaha anda ya! soy anticrepusculo! pero a mi texto le pegaban esas fotos!